Lone Working in Construction

Every economy is built on the back of construction, with an ever present demand for new homes, offices and infrastructure. Construction is one of the most dangerous industries for workers, especially for those working alone. Sadly, health and safety statistics for construction in the UK paint a troubling picture - in 2018 alone, 30 construction workers lost their lives while at work. 

Lone workers operating on construction sites are some of the most at risk groups in the sector. Your duty as an employer is to safeguard and protect your workers as much as possible. Safepoint’s lone worker safety solution can make this process easy and cost effective.



Lone workers in construction come into close proximity with risk throughout their working day: working with moving vehicles, heavy equipment, at height, and working with hazardous materials such as asbestos, dust and building materials. In 2017 Jason Hickman, 47, was crushed to death while working on a Norfolk construction site. The risks to construction workers aren’t only physical: as the office of national statistics found that “the risk of suicide among low-skilled male labourers, particularly those working in construction roles, was 3 times higher than the male national average.”

Risks can include: 

Hand and vibration syndrome; caused by continuous use of handheld power tools without adequate protection

Accident and injury; slips, trips and falls from height; noise damage

Exposure and handling of potentially hazardous or heavy materials

Unintentional building or material collapse



Site managers, bosses and construction companies have duties of care and wellbeing to all of their workers. Construction is the third most dangerous industry behind agriculture and waste water management and while positive steps are being made, more needs to be done. 

Construction companies providing all the necessary safety gear for their employees alone is not enough. Ensuring that your construction lone workers are given the correct training and clear guidelines alongside well maintained, fit for purpose equipment is your responsibility as an employer. 

In an industry with such high rates of suicide, providing adequate mental health support and encouraging a positive health and safety culture where people can speak up is absolutely crucial. 


Conduct dynamic risk assessments; construction projects are not one size fits all and the nature of the work can change, particularly on developing projects or with visits to remote sites. Be sure to account for the changing nature of risk and give your lone workers the tools to identify and plan for such risks in the field.  

Build a health and safety culture where construction workers are able to speak up, get support and take time off for mental health issues. Following a wellbeing survey that found that 48% of all respondents experienced poor mental health at their current job but only half of those shared this with their employers, Mind's Madeleine McGivern said “we need all employers to encourage people at work to be having conversations about mental health, to normalise those conversations.”

Safely and effectively monitor your construction lone workers across sites and tasks, and encourage them to easily report incidents with a lone worker solution.

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Robust management tools

Safepoint helps you meet health and safety requirements and legally safeguard your construction company for the future. Manage your lone workers simply and effectively, and make informed safety decisions in real-time.


Smart, effective protection

Safepoint offers smart protection for lone workers in the field. Your employees can request help in case of emergency and the app alerts Guardians in the event a task duration expires. Your lone workers are safeguarded wherever they are.


Visibility and real-time updates

Safepoint shares vital safety information including GPS location, battery life and signal strength, instantly keeping Guardians and lone workers updated. Data is only shared during an active task
so lone worker privacy is maintained.

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