Lone Working in Utilities

Water, gas and electricity suppliers and maintenance organisations provide utility services to more than 28 million residential homes, not to mention all the public and private sector business premises they supply across the UK. Lone workers in the utility sector help ensure a quality and consistency of supply, conduct service repairs, and may even do street works and house visits. Often working remotely at an assortment of locations, lone workers in utilities need a robust solution to keep them safe.

For lone workers in utilities, oversight, accountability and the right tools go hand in hand to provide effective safeguarding. Safepoint makes monitoring and protecting your staff easy with our simple and powerful lone working solution.



Lone workers in the utility sector are exposed to a variety of risks throughout their working day - whether they’re working on-site at a water plant, doing works on remote pipelines or pylons, or even in the homes of customers in need of repairs. Many utility workers operate in confined locations, remotely, or at height, such as John Flowers, an experienced linesman who fell six metres from a ladder while attempting to remove ivy from overhead power lines. 

Risks can include:

Accident and injury; slips, trips and falls from height, exacerbated by the locales in which utility workers operate

Working in remote locations; lack of immediate support, danger of staff attempting jobs without the necessary backup 

Exposure to, and handling of potentially hazardous materials

Exposure to potential violence when conducting work in public places or in customers homes



Utility company staff operating alone and in the field are at greater risk of incident and are exposed to a large variety of dangers, all of which a utility organisation has a legal and moral obligation to identify and safeguard against.

Preparing your lone workers for both the obvious and less obvious risks they can encounter is paramount in ensuring they can operate safely and with confidence. Your linesman might know how to work around live cables, but do they know how to safely defuse a confrontation with the public?

Your customers, be they businesses or residents, are also in need of your diligence and attention. Ensuring the lone workers employed by your utility company have the tools they need to do their jobs safely and effectively means you can respond with confidence in the event a utility supply is in need of repair or urgent attention.


Utility organisations and the lone workers within them are varied: ensure your risk assessments and policies account for every facet of your organisation. Water quality testers will face different risks to lone workers conducting repairs in customer’s homes.

Ensure staff are empowered to do their work safely. If a job requires two workers to be done with due care, encourage employees to double up. Be certain your staff are given the appropriate equipment and safety gear and that they have a clear process in place to request additional help or report issues if necessary. 

Remote working can lead to communication issues - ensure a clear and easy to follow policy for emergencies and incidents. Using a lone worker safety solution like Safepoint can make communication in the event of danger easy - lone working staff can flag an emergency with one button.


Robust management tools

Safepoint helps you meet health and safety requirements and legally safeguard your utility company for the future. Manage your lone workers simply and effectively, and make informed safety decisions in real-time.


Smart, effective protection

Safepoint offers smart protection for lone workers in the field. Your employees can request help in case of emergency and the app alerts Guardians in the event a task duration expires. Your lone workers are safeguarded wherever they are.


Visibility and real-time updates

Safepoint shares vital safety information including GPS location, battery life and signal strength, instantly keeping Guardians and lone workers updated. Data is only shared during an active task
so lone worker privacy is maintained.

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