Lone Working In Security

For people working in the security sector, health and safety is part of the job: whether working front of house protecting the public on a night out, or patrolling a site out of hours, lone workers must consider their safety and the safety of others every day. The private security sector employs over 500,000 people in the UK, with over 380,000 licensed individuals operating across many sectors. The UK security industry contributes £6 billion to the economy and is an area where lone workers are at risk every day.

Safeguarding your security lone workers so they can safeguard others is integral to a successful security company. Safepoint helps you protect your security workers with our simple and effective lone worker safety solution.



When we think of people in the security industry, we might think of security guards on the doors at our favourite pubs and clubs or overnight staff protecting sites up and down the country. The threat of violence is significant for those in the security sector, as the Security Industry Authority found: “67% of companies employing Security Guards have had staff attacked.”  Any such risk is heightened when those security staff are working alone. 

Risks can include: 

Physical and verbal aggression from customers and other members of the public. Particularly from those who might be intoxicated

Control of crowds; the management of so many people can make awareness and dynamic risk assessments difficult  

Danger of theft or intrusion on sites or with cash and valuables in transit, particularly out-of-hours



In the security sector, responsibility is multi-faceted and must be shared by both organisations and employees. While security companies have a legal and moral obligation to safeguard and protect their employees, lone workers in the security sector also have a duty of care towards themselves, and the members of the public they interact with. The very nature of security work often means close protection of individuals or groups, especially when doing door service or working an event.

Employers also have a responsibility to ensure that all their lone workers are vetted, fit for work, and given the right provisions to do their work to the best of their abilities. The potential fallout of an error can be great, and so taking responsibility across the organisation is key.


Risk assessments for security organisations are vital in determining if a security task can be safely performed alone and if so, what control measures should be put in place. Your risk assessments should be comprehensive and utilise the expertise of your frontline security personnel.

Train your security staff in how to conduct dynamic risk assessments. Security work is changeable and hard to predict by nature - giving your security lone workers the tools necessary to identify, measure and respond to risk as it develops can be the difference between avoiding an incident and seeing issues. 

Security work is often mobile: patrolling large sites, performing close protection to people or goods in transit, or working at events. A lone worker safety solution like Safepoint makes it easy to simply and intelligently monitor your security staff in the field. With our silent alarm feature, lone working security personnel are also safeguarded in the event they need help.


Robust management tools

Safepoint helps you meet health and safety requirements and legally safeguard your security organisation for the future. Manage your lone workers simply and effectively, and make informed safety decisions in real-time.


Smart, effective protection

Safepoint offers smart protection for lone workers in the field. Your employees can request help in case of emergency and the app alerts Guardians in the event a task duration expires. Your lone workers are safeguarded wherever they are.


Visibility and real-time updates

Safepoint shares vital safety information including GPS location, battery life and signal strength, instantly keeping Guardians and lone workers updated. Data is only shared during an active task so lone worker privacy is maintained.

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