Lone Working in Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry in an integral part of the UK economy, helping power homes, businesses and vital infrastructure. Sales of oil and gas from Scotland came in at £20 billion in 2017 and the industry is not going anywhere. Oil & Gas UK forecast that two-thirds of the UK’s energy will still come from oil and gas by 2035. The industry supports nearly 300,000 people in the UK, many of whom are lone workers who face additional risk by virtue of working alone in difficult conditions. 

The oil and gas industry is going through a period of modernisation, reaching into new markets and responding to the call for reductions in carbon emissions - worker safety needs to be a part of that effort and a lone worker solution such as Safepoint can help ensure your employees and organisation are protected. 



The oil and gas sector is one of the UK’s safest industries, with just a single fatality in 2017, though you cannot measure employee safety and wellbeing by fatality rates alone. The risks that affect lone workers in most industries affect those in oil and gas too - trips, slips and falls account for 37% of injuries in the sector - and additional risks generated by the often remote or offshore nature of the work and exposure or inhalation of hazardous materials.

Risks can include: 

Remote location working, whether off-shore, on the road or along pipelines increases the impact of potential incidents and difficulties in raising alarm and maintaining communication

Working at height, in confined spaces, alongside high risk machinery and equipment; the risk of accidents including trips, falls, slips or human error

Exposure to chemicals; silica, drilling fluids, hydrocarbon leaks, VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds and more

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In an industry where mistakes can be destructive and life changing, the responsibilities of both lone working employers and lone workers in the oil and gas sector cannot be underestimated. 

Lone workers are an integral part of the oil and gas industry and safeguarding these staff is vital. Shutdowns, incidents and production issues can affect other businesses and large scale leaks can also be disastrous for the environment. Improving safety in the oil and gas industry is good for everyone and it’s good for the planet too.

Lone workers operating in remote locations, possibly even offshore, are placed under extra pressure, and being isolated can take both an emotional and physical toll. Oil and gas organisations have a duty of care towards all their employees, whether they are working onsite or remotely.


Accurately collecting risk assessment data and constructing a usable, effective lone working policy is the first step to mitigating potential risks to your oil and gas employees. Be sure to speak to lone workers across the whole organisation - especially those who work in remote locations - to best understand their safety needs. 

Ensure that your staff have confidence in their tools, their working environment and their superiors by having clear communication procedures if something goes wrong or if equipment is in need of repair.

Protect lone workers who might otherwise be out of reach with a lone working solution. Safepoint’s guardian portal offers real time GPS data and a simple, clean app that means your lone workers in the field can do what they do best without worrying about their safety or fighting an overcomplicated application. 


Robust management tools

Safepoint helps you meet health and safety requirements and legally safeguard your oil and gas company for the future. Manage your lone workers simply and effectively, and make informed safety decisions in real-time.


Smart, effective protection

Safepoint offers smart protection for lone workers in the field. Oil and gas workers can request help in case of emergency and the app alerts Guardians in the event a task duration expires. Your lone workers are safeguarded wherever they are.


Visibility and real-time updates

Safepoint shares vital safety information including GPS location, battery life and signal strength, instantly keeping Guardians and lone workers updated. Data is only shared during an active task
so lone worker privacy is maintained.

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