How the Safepoint lone worker solution works

The Safepoint lone worker solution brings together a reliable, user-friendly app for iOS and Android with a comprehensive guardian portal.

When your workers use Safepoint, they share vital safety and location information with their assigned guardians.

Guardians can use Safepoint's robust portal to track worker safety and respond to situations as they develop. They can also use its intelligent reporting to build a comprehensive safety picture.

Safepoint brings lone workers and guardians closer together

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Shares vital safety data

Including GPS location, battery life and signal strength between workers and guardians

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Smart supervision

Our easy to use Guardian Portal means you can supervise your whole team from your desktop or mobile device. 

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Ensures worker privacy

Data is only shared during an active task – your workers can feel protected and respected

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Make informed decisions

Guardians can make informed safety decisions with real-time data

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Create response protocols

The Portal guides users through your unique safety protocols

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Never miss an emergency

The Portal provides clear visual and audio alerts for emergencies


A unique safety solution that’s rich in features and easy to use

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Time-out alert

The Portal alerts guardians when a worker’s task duration expires

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Manual emergency trigger

At any time, workers can request emergency help from their guardians

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Silent alarm

Safepoint’s silent alarm allows workers to discreetly request emergency guardian support

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Security PIN for app

Increase security by requesting workers use a unique PIN to make task changes

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SMS updates

Our optional SMS service adds another way for guardians to keep on top of their workers’ safety

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Works on your device

App can be downloaded from iOS and Android. Guardian Portal works on any modern browser

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Voice messages

Workers can easily add voice recordings to their tasks to make notes or to reaffirm their identity

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Reporting (coming soon)

Safepoint reporting allows guardians to track and map safety data and will even make smart decisions

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Intuitive interface

The Safepoint solution uses a modern, intuitive and user-friendly interface


A lone worker solution that’s personal to your team’s needs

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Easily grow your team

Add subscriptions and invite users quickly and easily

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Easily Personalised

Easily customise settings and permissions to suit your organisation

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Technical support

Helpful, friendly support from our UK technical team