How the Safepoint lone worker solution works

The Safepoint lone worker solution brings together a reliable, user-friendly app for iOS and Android with a comprehensive guardian portal.

When your workers use Safepoint, they share vital safety and location information with their assigned guardians.

Scroll down to see how Safepoint's mobile app and web portal work together to protect your staff and business.

What a business using Safepoint looks like

SFR Farms is a large agriculture organisation supplying fresh produce across the country. SFR farms employ delivery drivers, field workers, salespeople and administrative staff, all of whom work alone for some or all of their working day.



SFR Farms managing director Paula signs up for Safepoint, purchases licenses and sends invitations to all of her lone working staff.



Gordon is a field worker on one of SFR’s large farms. He is added to Safepoint as a worker. Gordon downloads the Safepoint mobile app to his phone so he can start tasks, signal emergencies and have his safety monitored by his guardian while he’s at work.



Emma works in SFR Farms head office and is added to Safepoint as a guardian. On her office computer, Emma uses Safepoint’s web portal to monitor the safety of lone workers like Gordon in the field.


An average day with Safepoint


A state of the art mobile app

Gordon starts his day and drives a company vehicle to the farm where he works. Before he begins, he starts a task in the mobile app so he can be monitored while driving.


A powerful web portal

In the web portal, Emma can see Gordon’s drive in real-time on the map using accurate GPS data. If Gordon was to trigger an emergency alert or not check-in, Emma would receive an instant alert in the web portal.


What if there is an emergency?


Gordon starts his first job of the day - checking the perimeter of the site for issues. He starts a new task in the mobile app and adds a voice memo to say he will be checking the perimeter fence by the river.


While checking the perimeter fence, Gordon slips down the river embankment and injures his leg. Gordon uses the Safepoint mobile app to trigger an emergency - he needs help!


Emma sees and hears the alert instantly flag in the web portal. She can see Gordon’s location and following SFR Farms company policy, she attempts to contact him.


Emma contacts the emergency services. Listening to the phone memo Gordon left earlier, Emma knows he was checking the perimeter fences. Emma relays this information and Gordon’s last known GPS location to the emergency services.


Benefits across your organisation

Safepoint’s lone worker safety solution provides value for your company, whatever your sector and whatever your size. Keep your workers safe using their existing mobile devices and without a massive financial outlay. Satisfy health and safety regulations, safeguard your employees and gain insights to help improve safety across your organisation with our easy to use platform.


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