Lone Worker Solution

Safepoint allows employers to easily monitor lone workers’ safety. We bring together a beautifully user-friendly app with a robust, intuitive web portal.

Not only is our system easy and enjoyable to use, but it is also packed full of intelligent safety features and reporting tools.

Safepoint’s lone worker safety app uses your existing mobile devices and our web portal runs on any modern browser. No need for additional equipment or expensive lone working devices.


Start protecting your workers, wherever they are

From full-time staff to flexible-hour workers, if your employees work alone, we can help keep them safe. Our lone working app is powerful and simple to use. Trigger a lone worker alarm with a single button. Monitor the safety of your staff with our effective lone worker safety solution, right from your browser.


A unique solution to saving lives!

We believe that lone working software should be more than just paying lip-service; it should truly make workers safer.

We offer modern, intuitive software, monthly updates, a transparent pricing model and a multitude of support options from our friendly UK-based team.

Our lone worker safety app and guardian portal can be set-up in minutes. No waiting around for a lone worker safety device that requires complicated installation.

Don’t accept an inferior product, see how Safepoint’s lone working app and safety solution can help your team stay safe at work.


We can help you meet government legislation

Lone workers need to be properly monitored and protected to meet legal requirements. Not only does Safepoint help you protect your workers, but it also safely stores your data in the cloud, making safety auditing a breeze.


A simple interface packed with powerful features

The app (for iOS and Android) is packed with features, such as emergency alert, silent alarm, voice record and security PIN. 

Why purchase an expensive lone worker safety device when you can use your smartphone?


Who is Safepoint For?

Lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision.

Employers are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of their own lone workers as well as any contractors or self-employed people carrying out lone work for them.


Working in people's homes

Including postal staff, social and medical workers, engineers, estate agents, and sales or service representatives visiting domestic and commercial premises.


High risk work

Including workers involved in trades, construction, maintenance and repair, plant installation, agricultural and forestry. This also includes farms, construction sites and oil rigs.


Working unusual hours

Including people working alone in a small workshop, petrol station, kiosk or shop, factories, warehouses or leisure centres. This may affect cleaning, security, health care, maintenance, or repair staff.