7 reasons you should use Safepoint

At Safepoint, we believe that protecting your lone workers in the field is not only a legal obligation but a moral one. We’re dedicated to providing the best lone worker safety solution on the market and to helping organisations protect all their lone working staff.

There are lots of great lone worker solutions on the market to help you protect your business and deliver peace of mind to your workers. Here are seven reasons why you should use Safepoint’s lone working safety solution and mobile app to protect your workers and business.


Self-service with transparent pricing

Safepoint is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, whether you are tech-savvy or not. With our lone working safety solution, you can sign-up and get started in minutes with our self-service platform. No sales calls or extra hoops to jump through and our support team are on hand if you need any help.

We believe pricing should be easy to understand, flexible and completely transparent. With our subscription plans, you can quickly and easily decide if Safepoint is right for you. You can see the cost of every user, license and team in your organisation and can choose whether you are billed on a rolling monthly or yearly basis. Easy!

Safepoint starts at £8.50 (ex.vat) per license and scales with your organisation, whether you have ten workers or a thousand. Have some specific needs or want to talk pricing? Ask about our enterprise plans.

We care about charities and know how important it is to have powerful, cost-effective tools. We offer 50% discount for charities on our lone worker safety solution. Get in touch and find out how we can help!


Use your existing devices and browsers

Safepoint’s web portal runs in your browser - no additional installation or set-up required. Guardians can monitor tasks and respond to emergencies from their laptop, desktop or mobile device. Safepoint is designed to run smoothly and efficiently, all without placing huge data or energy demands on your devices. 

The Safepoint mobile app is available to download on iOS and Android. Lone workers can log-in, start tasks and can trigger an emergency, all from their existing smartphone. No need for extra lone worker safety devices or equipment that could be misplaced, lost or simply does not provide the feedback you need.

Using your existing devices means you can begin protecting your lone workers today at minimal cost and without additional training. Safepoint makes improving health and safety at work simple, easy and instantaneous.

We’re building the features our customers want

Safepoint customers asked for the ability to receive SMS alerts for completed tasks and emergency alerts. We listened and made building and launching that feature a priority. Just a few weeks later, you can now receive SMS alerts to your mobile device. We’re a small, agile team, driven to produce the best lone worker safety platform on the market and we’re open to ideas wherever they come from.

Every feature request we receive is considered and if we can help you better protect your lone workers, we will. We know that no one understands their workers and business needs better than you. We’re here to listen and grow into a safety solution that caters for real companies and real workers.

Have a feature request? Log it in our community portal and we’ll see what we can do!


Smart safety features

Safepoint features a whole host of smart, powerful features that are easy-to-use. We log GPS data for accurate location reporting to help ensure worker safety. Users can lock their app with a unique security pin so only they can amend items in the app. Voice recording allows workers to communicate the details of a situation quickly and effectively. SMS alerts allow your team to receive updates in areas without data coverage and when guardians are away from their computers. Data is only shared during an active task - your workers can feel both protected and respected while on the job.

Safepoint’s lone working safety app is full of features designed to deliver comprehensive, intelligent safety. We’re leveraging modern web technology
to ensure Safepoint is as smart as it is powerful.


14-day free trial with the full Safepoint package

Try the full Safepoint package for 14-days with every core feature, full functionality and no limits, whether you’re protecting 10 workers or 1000.

You can Safepoint’s lone worker safety solution today at zero cost and on your terms. No need to wait for a callback or to receive additional devices in the post. Cancel at any time and try our lone worker safety app and guardian portal with no obligation to buy.

Ready to start? Sign-up today and receive a 14-day free trial. We think you’re going to love it.


Simple and effective - no bloat or unnecessary complications

Safepoint is designed to save lives. We’ve built a guardian portal and mobile safety app that simply and effectively protect your lone workers. We don’t have unnecessary features or complicated processes. Start a task in seconds and send an emergency alert with one click. Guardians monitor tasks in real-time from the guardian portal and are alerted automatically. Both our lone worker safety app and web portal are designed to be intuitive and not get in the way of safety.

We believe that safety shouldn’t have a high barrier to entry. We’ve created a best-in-class lone worker safety platform and lone working app for iPhone and Android that is simple and easy to use. No compromises, no hurdles, no additional complications.


We’re building health and safety resources for everyone

We’re passionate about health and safety. Beyond Safepoint’s mobile app and web portal, we’re building resources to help health and safety professionals and lone workers develop safer working practices. 

Keen to reduce stress or help your workers avoid violence at work? We have white papers ready to go. Want to create your health and safety documentation without the fuss? We’ve made a set of document builders for that. We’re consistently delivering updates and insights on our blog and staying in the loop with the health and safety community so we can pass the knowledge on to you.

We’re not just here to build a product - we’re here to contribute to building a better health and safety culture and delivering useable, valuable resources.


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