Getting the most out of Safepoint:
tips from the Safepoint team

Here at Safepoint, we know that starting to use any new platform can be daunting. We're not only commited to providing the best lone worker safety solution on the market, but we also want to make it easy to protect your lone workers without the fuss.

We've assembled tips and tricks from the team at Safepoint to help you get the most out of your lone working safety app and the guardian portal.

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 Tips for workers using Safepoint

Lone workers will use Safepoint’s lone working app on their iOS or Android device to start, extend and complete tasks, leave voice recordings, and call in emergencies as and when they occur. Here are some tips for using Safepoint on your mobile device while working in the field.

Use tasks to track the drive to and from locations. Accidents and emergencies can happen even in transit and this way, you’re always protected.
— Callum COOmbes, Chief Executive officer
  • Keep your phone charged. Remember to keep your phone at full power where possible. This not only means you’ll be protected by Safepoint without the danger of running out of battery, but you’ll also be reachable in the event of an emergency.

  • Start a task in the mobile app before you begin a job. Make it a habit to start a task before starting a job or beginning travel between sites. This means you’ll be protected from the off and can also focus on the job once you’ve started. 

  • Don’t worry about getting task durations exactly right when you start, you can always extend them if you need to. Use your best estimate use our one-click extend to give yourself more time.

  • Try not to force close the app while a task is active. While this does not cause issues on iOS, it can be problematic on Android.

  • Make sure you have location services enabled on your device so that Safepoint can do its job effectively and send GPS data to your guardians. This is crucial in the event of an emergency.

  • Be sure to allow notifications. Safepoint’s lone worker safety app will remind you when you’re close to the end of your task, which is useful if you need to extend.

Be sure to give your tasks sensible names so it’s easy for guardians tell at a glance what you’re doing.
— James Rogers, Senior Engineer

Tips for guardians using Safepoint

Guardians use Safepoint’s web portal to monitor the safety of workers in the field and respond to emergencies if they arise. Guardians can log in to the web portal from any modern browser and are responsible for taking action in line with company policy. Here are some tips for making the most of your time as a guardian and for optimising your workflow with Safepoint.

Keep the portal open on your computer with the sound on at all times. This way, you’ll never miss an alert if anyone triggers their lone worker safety alarm.
— Ryan Smee, Senior Engineer
  • Be sure to have a policy in place for what to do when an alert comes in. Knowing who to contact and what action to take so you can respond quickly and effectively in an emergency can be crucial.

  • Familiarise yourself with the guardian portal before monitoring live tasks. The Safepoint portal is simple and easy to use by design, but knowing how to navigate between teams and tasks quickly can be instrumental when it comes to keeping people safe. 

  • Use Chrome. While Safepoint’s web portal works with all modern browsers, for best results, we recommend using Google Chrome.

If possible, have Safepoint open on a second screen. Being able to monitor your workers at a glance and see an emergency the moment it occurs can make all the difference.
— Matt Rumblelow, Head of Design and Marketing

Tips for admins using Safepoint

Administrators in Safepoint’s lone working safety platform can range from team and billing admins all the way through to company level administrators.

Billing admins can purchase and manage the billing of licences and see and update billing information of the company

Company admins can change any other users' options, assign licenses, and manage users and teams.

Team admins can manage other users in the same team as them.

Here are some tips to help the admin of your Safepoint account run smoothly.

Do your staff work with external clients? Activate PIN functionality to ensure only your staff can manage safety tasks and make edits in the app.
— David Pooley, Senior Engineer
  • Activate SMS to get alerts to your device. When you’re away from the portal or if you have staff working out of hours, an SMS alert will let you know as soon as an incident occurs so you can take prompt, effective action.

  • You can have as many teams as you need. Organise your staff effectively and with separate team admins if necessary. In a large organisation, delegation and company-wide buy-in can be helpful in keeping things running smoothly and effectively.

  • Voice recordings are a great way to get a lot of information quickly, the less burden on your lone workers the better.

  • Ensure every worker and guardian is assigned a license. Only company admins can assign licenses, so ensure someone with this privilege sets up your workers and guardians with licenses ahead of starting and monitoring tasks.

  • Multiple users can occupy multiple roles. If you need different people to assign licenses in different timezones, make them both company admins. Do you need the ability to buy additional licenses across different locations or for different teams - give each of those people billing admin privileges.

Give your staff an overview of Safepoint before they start using it in the field. This will only take a few minutes and it might even save lives.
— Nik Misin, Chief Business Development Officer

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