Getting started with Safepoint

At Safepoint, we’re building the best lone worker safety solution on the market to help you protect your lone workers and your organisation against risk.

Getting started with any new platform can be tricky, so we’re here to make it easy with our step-by-step guide to setting up our lone worker safety portal and mobile app. In just a few steps, you’ll be set to start protecting your lone workers and monitoring their safety, right from your browser.

Before you can start using Safepoint’s lone worker safety solution, you’ll need to sign up for an account. Safepoint offers a free 14-day trial for all new accounts and you can get started by clicking the link below!

Safepoint makes protecting your workers easy

Follow our six steps below to get started, going from creating your company and assigning licenses all the way through to monitoring tasks from the guardian portal. Every step has easy to follow instructions and a video too!

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Create a company


Your company is your base of operations - here, you’ll invite workers, monitor their tasks and manage your organisation. Let’s get started!

Add a company

From the home page, click settings in the top right hand sidebar and then click Add Company.

If it’s your first time using Safepoint, you can also use the big Create a Company button on the home screen.

Add company details

Fill in the company details form, ensuring all fields are filled. Don’t worry, you can update these details later.

Address nickname is an easy way to identify this address. For example, you might have multiple business locations but name your sites things like “Head office” or “Warehouse.” Phone nickname works much the same way.
Ensure you format your phone number with the correct country code, then in the next box, enter the remaining digits minus the zero. For example (+44) 808 178 0102 would be Safepoint’s number.

Congratulations, you’ve added your company!

You’re now ready to start adding users! You’re now in the Company Details area where you can see essential information about your company, such as its name and address, its people and billing information. As the person who created the company you are automatically a Company Admin.

At the company level, users can have one or more of the following 3 options:

Billing - this allows the user to purchase and manage the billing of licences and see and update billing information of the company

Company admin - this allows the user to change any other users' options, assign licenses, and manage users and teams.

Licence - this allocates the user a licence. A licence is needed by workers to use the mobile app and by guardians to use the portal. Without a license, a user cannot use Safepoint.

Step 2: Invite users to your company


Now you have a company, you need to invite your workers and guardians so they can use the platform.

When you’re on the company settings page, you’ll see all of your current users. Let’s add some more!

Add a user

From the company settings screen, click add member and send an email invite to your colleague. Ensure the email is correct before hitting Send Invite.

Pending invites

The Company User card will change slightly to show the invited users email under Pending Invites. If a user is having trouble receiving your invite, be sure they check their spam folder and double check the email address you sent the invite to.

To accept the invite, a user will need to register an account on the portal or download the app on iOS or Android and select create account.

Once they’ve created an account and logged in, they just need to accept the invite to your company and they’re good to go!

Accepted invites

Once the invite has been accepted, that user will be added to the company users page and you can assign them admin privileges or grant them a licence to use the mobile app or use the guardian portal to monitor workers in the field. 

Note that before you can assign licenses, you need to choose your subscription and set-up your billing details.

Step 3: Purchase and assign licenses


Now you have users signed up to your company, you need to purchase some licenses and allocate them to your workers so they can use Safepoint.

Select the company you would like to purchase licenses for

In the right hand sidebar, click on your company and in the company settings page, click get started under the subscription plan card.

Check your billing address and add card details

Check that the billing address matches that of the card to be added. Enter your card details and then click Save card.

Select your subscription plan and billing interval

Choose your subscription tier and whether you would like to be charged monthly or for the year. Choosing to pay for your subscription yearly will save you up to 20% in total. Need help choosing a plan? See our pricing page.

Select the number of licences you need

You need a license for each user who will be using the mobile app and for each user who will use the guardian portal to monitor lone workers in the field. For example, if you have four lone workers and one team admin who will monitor their safety from the office, you need five licenses.

Review your order

Click review order and check that your purchase is correct before hitting Confirm purchase. Hurrah, your subscription is now set-up and you can start assigning licenses to your workers and guardians.

Every Safepoint account gets a 14-day free trial. You won’t be charged until after that period and can cancel at any time with no charge.

Assign licenses

Navigate to the company users page, and simply click on the license button of every worker who will be either be working in the field using the mobile app or using the guardian portal to monitor workers in the field. 

Only company admins can allocate and edit licenses. Ensure you are logged in as a company admin.

Note that users need to accept the invite before they can be assigned a license.

Step 4: Create a team and add users


Now you’ve got your users in Safepoint and have allocated them licenses, you need to put them on a team! You can have any number of teams, each with their own workers, guardians and team admins.

Add a team

Click settings, navigate to your company and click add team. Every company has a default team as standard. If you like, you can select and edit this default team.

Name your team

You can type in the team's name and select options for PIN and/or Voice record.

Activating the PIN option will ask the users in this team to type in a unique PIN every time they extend a task, cancel an emergency alert or complete a task in the app.

Activating the Voice record option will require users in this team to record a short voice clip at the start and at the end of every task they create. Note you can come back and change these settings at any time.

Add users to a team

Navigate down to the Team Users card and click Add Member.  

You can then choose which users you wish to add to this team.
You can add as many users to the team as you wish, and users can be on multiple teams.

Note that you need to be a company admin or the team admin in order to add, remove or change the privileges of users on this team.

Remember that users first need to accept the invite to join the company to appear here. 

Choose user privileges

Now your users have joined the team, you need to choose their privileges and roles in the team.

Team users can have any combination of the following options:

Worker - activating this option will allow the user to use the Safepoint mobile app and start tasks.

Guardian - activating this option will allow the user to use the Safepoint guardian portal and monitor the tasks of other users in the same team as them.

Team Admin
- activating this option will allow the user to manage other users in the same team as them.

Users have different options per team. For example, a user might be a worker on one team but a guardian and team admin for another team.

Now you’ve added a team, put users on that team and allocated roles to your users, you’re just about ready to go!

Step 5: Download the app

Play Store Screenshots 1080x1920 S4 V3.png
Play Store Screenshots 1080x1920 S5 V3 .png
Play Store Screenshots 1080x1920 S2.jpg
Play Store Screenshots 1080x1920 S3.jpg

Every lone worker using Safepoint to start tasks will need our lone worker mobile app. You can find the Safepoint lone worker safety app on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store.

Once downloaded, your lone workers can log-in to the app with an existing Safepoint account or register a new one.

Once your workers have accepted the company invite they can start tasks when they’re at work, extend those tasks if necessary and trigger an emergency if something goes wrong. 

Step 6: Start using Safepoint!


Now you’ve got your guardians set-up to monitor tasks in the portal and your lone-workers have downloaded the mobile app, you are ready to start using Safepoint to monitor the safety of your lone workers!

Starting a task

Your lone workers can start tasks from their mobile app which will then be monitored by your guardians in the web portal. Let’s get started!

In the mobile app, tap the team you are set as a worker in.
Enter a name for the task and then set a duration for the task. If you’re not sure, enter a reasonable time. You can extend this later.

Check the summary details are correct then tap Create to start the task. Your task will become active and begin counting down, it will also now be visible to your guardians on the Safepoint Web Portal!

You can extend the task if you need more time by hitting Extend, trigger an alert your guardians will receive by tapping Request Help, or complete your current task by hitting Complete Task.

Note that tasks are started by workers using the mobile app - guardians do not start tasks in the portal. Need more information? Read our full mobile app user guide here.

Monitoring a task

Once a worker has started a task, guardians can monitor the task using the Safepoint portal.

As a guardian, log in to the Safepoint web portal. Click tasks in the top left hand corner, then select the team you want to monitor.

You’ll see active and completed tasks and the workers assigned to them. You can see their live location, whether they have extended a task and will receive an on-screen and audio alert if they trigger an emergency.

In the event of an emergency alert, click to acknowledge the emergency and then follow your company policy for such an emergency. This may include contacting the worker or raising the issue with management.


Congratulations, you’re a Safepoint pro!


You’re now set to monitor the safety of your lone workers and protect them in the event of emergencies. You’ve learned how to add users, add teams and purchase and allocate licenses, and how to use Safepoint effectively.

Need more help? You can find more resources below. Take a look at our resources and help guides or submit a ticket if you want to chat. We’re always happy to help!




+ Do you offer a trial?

Yes! Safepoint offers a 14-day free trial and you can sign-up here!

+ How much is Safepoint?

Safepoint offers flexible, transparent pricing, starting at £8.50 per license Ex. VAT.

+ What is a license?

Each license you purchase covers a single person to use Safepoint, either as a guardian or a lone worker.

For example: a company with five lone workers and one guardian would require six licenses.

+ What happens if my team changes size?

Safepoint has a flexible subscription system. Adding or removing licenses is easy, and we’ll reflect that in your next bill.

+ Are there discounts for charities?

Yes! If you are a registered charity and would like to discuss using Safepoint for your team, please get in touch at


+ What are the system requirements?

Safepoint’s Guardian Portal fully supports the current version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. We also support Internet Explorer 11 with a limited feature-set due to the technical limitations of the browser.

The minimum supported versions for the Safepoint mobile app are Android 4.3 and iOS 9.

+ I can’t hear alert sounds. What do I do?

Please try the following suggestions.

The Portal’s tab in your browser might be muted. Follow instructions to how to unmute the tab here.

Check your operating system’s sound is on and volume is sufficiently high:

On Windows machines you will normally have a speaker icon in the bottom right corner to switch sound on or off and to change the volume.

On an Apple Mac machine open the Settings app, then click on Sound and check your sound settings.

Note that Safari does not allow automatic alert sounds to play. Please use another browser.

Finally, check your external speakers are working correctly.

+ What is a task?

A task is a period of time in which an individual shares their status, such as location, to ensure they remain safe in dangerous scenarios, such as when carrying out work alone.

A task is created and managed by the individual using the Safepoint mobile app, and their status can be seen by their assigned guardians in a web browser on the Safepoint Portal.

+ What is an emergency alert?

An emergency alert is triggered in the Safepoint mobile app either manually, by an individual tapping the Request Help button, or automatically when a task times-out without the individual checking-in.

In both cases the guardians assigned to the individual will be alerted via the Safepoint Web portal and can enact company safety procedures to potentially save a life.

+ Where do I login?

You can login to the Safepoint portal here, or by using the button at the top of the page. Need an account? Register here.


+ Where do I download the app?

You can find the Safepoint lone worker safety app on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store.

+ How much data does the mobile app use?

Not much at all! Communicating with the web portal and sending updates, such as your location, requires tiny amounts of data, we are talking kilobytes (1/1000th of a gigabyte).

+ Can I use Safepoint alongside other apps?

Yes, absolutely! Safepoint can run in the background and does not interfere with any other apps you may wish to use.

+ What if I force close Safepoint?

Force closing Safepoint will not affect any currently active task or emergency alert. However, if Safepoint is not open in the background it may be prevented from sending safety data, such as location, to the web portal.

We recommend always leaving Safepoint open in the background during an active task or emergency alert.


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