The road to launch - May 2018


Welcome to The Road to Launch - Safepoint’s monthly behind the scenes series. This month, we’ll discuss some pretty startling media attention, reaching our testing stage and our new article series.

The Buzz

Firstly, we were incredibly proud to be interviewed for Tech Nation’s 2018 Report. This government-backed review into the UK’s tech sector gives a thorough account of different tech clusters. In the Norwich review, we talked through the Safepoint solution and the exciting state of the city’s emerging tech scene.

This month, the Eastern Daily Press reached out to us to discuss the melding of global tech with local community. Find that great discussion here.

The Test

Our Guardian Portal as well as our iOS and Android apps have now completed their alpha build and we’re right in the middle of some pretty intense testing. What does that actually mean? We’re glad you asked:

  • All of the functionality we initially promised has been built and is running smoothly: GPS location, task timing, emergency alerts, voice recording – It’s all there and feeling great! See more here.

  • The design has been finalised. We’ve spent a lot of time these last few months refining every swipe, tap and alert that goes in to the Safepoint product. Why? Well, we think that a safety product should be both incredibly reliable and pleasant to use.

  • Testing! We think that there is no limit to how workers can use Safepoint, and we’re tired of safety apps that don’t deliver reliability. With that in mind, we are currently committing to three months of in-house and external testing. The result will be an incredibly dependable and user friendly safety solution.

The Blog

These last few months we’ve been working with industry experts to produce something that we’re really excited about. Starting from 23rd May 2018 you can expect helpful (and surprisingly interesting) weekly updates and advice from the world of safety and legislation. We also will be running these behind the scenes updates once a month. 

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