Awarded the 'Do It' Grant 2018


We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the 'Do It' grant by the University of East Anglia and Santander. Since our victory at Sync the City in 2017, we have been working hard to get our lone worker safety solution into the hands of those who need it. We have made significant progress with the tech, bringing the Android, iOS and web aspects into closed alpha testing. Excitingly, we have also formed a close working relationship with a Norwich engineering firm who will be testing the product.

We are very grateful to the UEA Enterprise Centre team, our mentors, and referees, all of whom put personal time into helping us write our application and develop a robust business plan. This grant will greatly help us in accelerating our growth as a company, allowing us to bring the product to market sooner and to start making the lives of lone workers safer.

We are on the lookout for more early-stage testers for the product, as well as potential business mentors, if you think you can help please contact us at

Click here to find out more about the grant.

Matt RumbelowComment