How to avoid violence as a lone worker
There were 694,000 incidents of violence at work in 2017/18. That’s the equivalent of more than one violent incident a minute.

It’s easy to agree that violence at work is never acceptable and should not be tolerated, though statistics show that UK workers face an alarming amount of violence on a daily basis.

While violence is more prevalent in certain industries it is a concern for all workers, particularly those in public facing roles. For example, those working in protective service occupations such as police officers and security guards face the highest risk of assault and threats, at 11.4%, while health and social workers have a risk of 5.1%, more than three times higher than the average risk of 1.4%.

In this paper, Safepoint will explore the reality of violence against workers in the UK, discuss the nature of lone working and consider some ways in which employers and lone workers can avoid violence while at work. 

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