The road to launch – July 2018


Welcome back to The Road to Launch, Safepoint's (almost) monthly blog. Each month, we present a behind the scenes view of Safepoint – as well as giving updates on our flagship Lone Worker Solution. Unbelievably, it has been two months since our last blog, so let's dive in with what's been keeping us so busy.

The Buzz

Safepoint has been asked to deliver a keynote speech at Norwich's annual ‘Talking Tech’ event at the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce.

As a company that has focused on disrupting the lone worker safety market through innovative software, we feel honoured and excited to be taking part in Talking Tech. Our keynote speech will be delivered by Safepoint CEO Callum Coombes and will be covering the dramatic ways in which technology is changing the nature of work.

The event will also host a wealth of other talented speakers such as: James Duez of Rainbird Technologies; Rebecca Lewis Smith of Fountain and Fiona Lettice, Pro-Vice-Chancellor at UEA and and co-organiser for SyncNorwich. It looks set to be an amazing day full of important discussions.

We personally can’t wait for Talking Tech 2018 and we encourage you to check out all of the currently announced speakers at the Chamber of Commerce website.


As promised, this month has seen much more rigorous testing and improving of our Lone Worker Safety Solutions. What does this mean? Well, in essence, it means our team have been using the product in every conceivable way to make sure that, no matter how you want to use Safepoint, you can feel comfortable that it will hold up.

Want to run Safepoint on a long road trip between clients? No problem. Need to create 100 unique teams for your international healthcare organisation? Sure thing. Whether you’re a carer, construction worker, security guard, courier, salesperson, contractor or volunteer you deserve to feel safe, monitored and uninhibited. Not only is it right, but it may also be a legal requirement.

We appreciate that 'rigorous testing methods' isn't the most exciting of blog topics, but going through test protocols is probably the most important thing we do for our users. Us meticulously preparing for every eventuality means that you and your employees can do what you do best, safely and securely. Having a product that not only looks and feels great, but that we'd feel safe using every day, is the most important thing to us.

The Launch

So how far off are we? Not far at all. The Safepoint Lone Worker Solution has come leaps and bounds and we are weeks away from beginning our closed beta. If you are a lone worker, or employ lone workers of any kind and want to get involved in our early access program, please get in touch.

Have you been keeping up with our weekly health and safety blogs? They're much more interesting than they sound and we're really happy with the reception we've had. Catch up on all the instalments here.

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