Tech blog points spotlight at Safepoint and the Norwich tech scene.



Tech Blog points spotlight at Safepoint and the Norwich Tech Scene.

This week Norwich-based relations firm, Luminous PR, challenged themselves to expand their sometimes London-centric focus to highlight some of the most exciting tech communities beyond the M25. Spurred on by a current lack of traditional media attention and investment funding, Luminous has started an exciting new series that explores the often ignored world of regional tech hubs; first on their list is Safepoint’s own, East Anglia.

“According to City AM, London tech startups received 80% of all UK venture capital funding in 2017.” - Luminous PR.

Safepoint was proud, not only to see East Anglia celebrated this week, but also to be highlighted as one of Norwich’s most exciting new startups. As Sync The City winners and active members of Norwich’s emerging tech scene, we appreciate what a great tech community can do for new enterprises. What’s more, Safepoint has always believed that to bring lone worker safety into the 21st century, you have to start with great software. That’s why being recognised alongside tech giants Liftshare and Epos Now has been such a privilege.

As well as giving a (much appreciated) shout out to new enterprises, Luminous also celebrated East Anglia’s tech-focused universities, including Cambridge, Ipswich and the Norwich-based University of East Anglia, and tech communities such as TechEast, Hot Source and SyncDevelopHer.

At Safepoint we know the importance of great tech and we hope more agencies take the time to shine some light on the terrific work being made in our regional tech hubs. If you would like to read the full article you can find it here, or if you would like to speak to Safepoint about how it’s bringing safety technology into the 21st century, why not get in touch?


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