Winners of Sync The City 2017


Today we are proudly launching our new site. To celebrate we're looking back at where it all began – Sync The City 2017.

"A solid business case, an understanding of the opportunity and a smooth technical implementation" – Press Release, Sync The City

Sync The City is an annual startup competition that brings together designers, developers and business people from across the South East of England. The competition brings some of the best talent from the region and competition is fierce.

Our team of six, (then called 'LoneSafe') arrived with a single goal: to bring lone worker safety to everyone by making an app that was easy to use, visually exciting and full of smart functionality. What's more, we wanted to use cloud technologies and simple, transparent pricing to bring safety to companies of all sizes and budgets.


After 54 hours of intense competition, around 6 hours of sleep and thousands of lines of code we had the basis of what would become the SafePoint App. It didn't look great, it didn't have all the features it has now (indeed it has been remade several times), nor had it been through the hours of rigorous testing the current system has, but it was enough. Despite tough competition from dozens of talented, imaginative developers, SafePoint was awarded the Judge's Prize at Sync The City 2017.

A lot has changed since we walked into the Norwich Cathedral hosted event, but we are very grateful for the opportunity and the ongoing support of SyncNorwich and UEA.

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Matt RumbelowComment