Our first birthday and early access launch


Today, Safepoint celebrates its first birthday. It also celebrates a huge milestone for us: the opening of our Early Access Programme. In lieu of our not-so-regular Road To Launch blog, we thought this would be a great time to discuss the Programme and reflect on the last 365 days. 

On November 25th 2017, Safepoint (then called ‘Lonesafe’) was announced as the winner of the SyncTheCity Hackathon. In just 54 hours, we’d successfully demonstrated our proof of concept - an attractive, user-friendly lone worker safety app and a robust guardian portal. 

The six founders felt that building this into a legitimate product would be pretty straightforward. We even put a date on it, we would release our beta in January, just two months after winning SyncTheCity. Considering what we’d built in one weekend, how hard could it be? 

Early Access

Well it may not be January, but it’s official: we have began our Early Access Programme. We have already signed up some fascinating organisations such as a world-class data security company, prominent estate agents and a proudly local construction and engineering business. We have also lined up demos with a large security firm and a FTSE 100 enterprise. Beyond that, we are talking to insurance companies on how they can use Safepoint to protect their business clients. 

So why now and not January? Well, we didn’t want to release until we were confident in the safety and usability of every click, swipe and tap. We now have a product that is incredibly robust, as well as beautifully built. After a year of carefully constructing, testing and bug fixing, we cannot wait to get it in people’s hands!  To join our Early Access Programme for iOS and Android, please get in touch.

In the Press

So what else has been going on? It truly has been a whirlwind, not just in the last few months, but in the last year. Since our last behind the scenes blog Safepoint has had some truly amazing experiences. We have been featured on BBC Radio, were shortlisted for the UEA Innovation Awards, had a write up in the Eastern Daily Press and have given talks at SyncTheCity 2018 and The Norfolk Chamber of Commerce.

Not only do we feel truly honoured to see such excitement about our lone worker solution, but we are also keen to help people in as many sectors as possible. 

If you would like to join our fantastic community of early-adopters, please get in touch. We are also interested in hearing from organisations in the Health and Social Care sector. We have always wanted to help keep safe our proud healthcare workers, and would love to receive their guidance on what would help them most.

One More Thing

All of us at Safepoint would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us in the last year and we hope you are as pleased with the Early Access product as we are.

Matt RumbelowComment